Its true. Prague is . . . Magical.

For me and for most who have visited this historical fairyland, would probably agree that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, if not, ‘the’ most beautiful. And I am not exaggerating. Pictures do not do it justice. I remember my tour guide saying that you would need “maybe three lifetimes to see everything that this magical city has to offer.” Only after my trip was over, did I believe her.

They say after visiting Prague, one always comes back.

The Castle District - Hradčany

The Castle District – Hradčany and view of the Prague Castle

Blue sky over Prague

Blue sky over Prague


Blatouch Restaurant

A must-see installation in the Old Town Square – The Prague astronomical clock or otherwise known as the Prague orloj. Dating back from the Middle Ages and constructed in 1410, this medieval treasure is the world’s oldest astronomical clock still working today. It displays moving statues and visualization of time, Sun and Moon position with the Astronomical Dial as one of its main features, used in medieval astronomy.


Astronomical Clock Tower – Old Town Square

With its astonishing gothic and baroque-style towers, The Charles Bridge or Karlův most crosses the famous Vltava river, joining the Prague Castle district to the Old Town.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Cruising down the Vltava River

Cruising down the Vltava River


Traffic jam !


Signature cobblestone alley in Prague




Karlovy Vary – Czech’s very own Monte Carlo

It was the last day of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad as the Germans call it. The famous spa town in the region of Bohemia was bustling with many tourists and excitement over the celebrities that were believed to be staying in one of the many exclusive hotels. I was excited to see the Grandhotel Pupp, which is precisely the hotel that hosts the annual film festival. The hotel also appears in the James Bond film Casino Royale.

Grandhotel Pupp

A very hot summer’s day didn’t stop us from exploring every corner, boutique or geyser that the town had to offer.

Karlovy Vary



We visited the Mill Colonnade whose twelve statues for the twelve months of the year stand above its portico. There were also the Market Colonnade and the Park Colonnade that were equally fascinating.


Mill Colonnade


Market Colonnade


Inside the Market Colonnade


Teplá river

No wonder they call it Czech’s very own ‘Monte Carlo.’ Simply amazing and exclusive yet not expensive at all !

A perfect weekend getaway for all !!

Stop in Bratislava

My Eastern European tour this summer was firstly enriched by our stop in Slovakia’s capital – Bratislava. The weather and the brilliant blue sky served us well as our group set off to explore the many grandiose buildings and castles. There were no signs of the city’s Communist period – the archiecture and town squares were enlivened and built in a renaissance and baroque style. Around every corner it was easy to come across one of the city’s funny statues such as Cumil. We’re not quite sure what he is up to, cleaning the sewer or just having a rest after a hard day’s work.

Cumil. Man at Work

The soldier resting on the bench reminds visitors of Napoleon’s first visit to Bratislava in 1809.


Napoleon’s Army Soldier

A charismatic figure known as Schoner Naci wearing a top hat is ready to greet you in the beautiful city.

Schoner Naci

The highlight of the day was definitely a tour up the Bratislava Castle built in the 9th century. From the top there are great views of the city and parts of neighbouring countries such as Hungary and Austria. Known for its history with the Romans and the Celts, the castle stands as a major tourist attraction.

Bratislava Castle

Thank you Bratislava ! It was lovely !! Dovidenia