Q3) Future Credibility

Cultural changes in society and the communications will greatly impact the user’s understanding and preference of websites in future credibility. Some of the issues that may affect web credibility are:

  • Given the fast-paced computing environment, users will expect a visually captivating and credible informative website at first glance without having to search for external links to clarify the content’s reliability;
  • As technology advances so do the resources for creating a professional website. It will be hard to distinguish whether an expert or amateur is behind the site;
  • Pop-up ads can have a negative impact on the user because it automatically instigates suspicion of malicious and false-leading links that could be detrimental both for the system and the user’s privacy;
  • User’s will expect up-to-date and current information which will showcase the website’s professionalism and commitment;
  • Having to pay or sign-up to gain access to a site will affect the user’s perception negatively;
  • Providing email confirmations after transactions and responsive services will become irrelevant as web designers become more acquainted with this factor of persuasion;
  • Typographical errors will become something that websites looking for reputation will need to pay attention to as users become more effective in identifying what is good with both the visuals and text.

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